So it is almost the last week of being in City of Sanya on the little island of Hainan.

I have been here for almost two weeks with a disabled center called The Bright Connection. It has definitely been an experience and this week was better than last week, however I can't say I am sad to leave. I tried to create some promo videos for the center as well as some sample letters in English that can be sent via email to Universities in foreign countries that may be of assistance. It was pretty hard to work with a center that feels like they don't need any real help except maybe more staff for the children. They need more help than that I will tell you that. I haven't has a totally bad time while here. I  have enjoyed my evening and weekend in this city. Last weekend we went to a nearby city Riuewan which is actually Wanning the place I will be next week for a surf camp I will help document. We got a nice tour around by a foreigner from Australia and got a surf lesson for a Chinese man with perfect English lol. 

Here are some photos of my trip so far.