Big Buddah in Leshan

We are going the same way he said. You can join us in the car.

I saw his family and just said ok and went in. 


I woke at 7am and without another day of coffee I got myself to the bus the was just at the corner and got my ticket to Leshan. I had nothing to do and it just seemed like a missed opportunity if I was so close and didn’t try and see the Big Buddha. 


I was planning to take the bus afterwards since I didn’t get a direct bus and after looking at the map and deciding when I needed to get off a boy asked me where I was going and in English and I said Leshan Big Buddha. He quickly pointed to the taxi and said my family and I are going the same way please join us. 

I happily got into the taxi and joined them for the whole trip there and back to Chengdu. They were really a nice family with only the boy knowing how to speak English. I felt like I was adopted for the day.