Offically Solo

Day 1 solo

Mingyang to chengdu 


I repeat ok ok yes in Chinese. Fine ok I will give you the 100 yuan.

She shows me an emoji of happiness.

I told myself I would not take a taxi I will find a bus and take the train to chengdu boy did that plane switch fast.


Listen to me carefully: you really get what you pay for.


Taxi in china really just are so slow and lazy to get to your destination if you don't cough up $. 



I wish I could day I treated myself today but honestly it just a waste of money and quality wasn't that great. 

I manage to spend so much $ on one dinne and then realized the place I was looking for was literally one step to the right and across the street ugh


Then I went to the only place no one was grooming cuz I have into my urge of bubble tea and it was the shittiest one yet.