Conculsion in Shangri La

I just got back to Yangshou, China a couple of days ago. The mountains are even more beautiful without the rain and I will try and take more photos before I leave. 


Despite the altitude Yunnan Shangri la was so gorgeous an not as Chinese as I thought. More Tibetan which was refreshing. I got to see yak and pigs and eat drink Yak and eat pigs. I went an observed locals do their mushroom picking of Mastake which is most of their income for the whole year ( 10,000 yuan which is like $1,000 ?). I got to see gorgeous wetlands and sat while cows and wild horses walked past me. My job was to take some photos and video of Shangri la and a side project of the center was to put the local art online so I took photos of some local Tibetan items. The guy that needed help with that had a beautiful wife that let us try on her Tibetan dresses before we left and it was such a pleasure. The women I was with were jealous because I had dark hair and they were white so I actually looked "traditional norma Tibetan" while they looked like tourists playing dress up. haha