Loose Beauty Photography
Loose Beauty Photography


Carolyn Arredondo is a freelance photographer that is originally from Los Angeles but resides in Northern California right now. She loves to travel and is constantly inspired to create new projects. She specializes in fine art, fashion, and portraiture.

Carolyn learned to snap a photo at the age of ten with a 35mm point and shoot camera.  Her grandfather or grandmother would take the roll of film to develop and bring her a white envelope where she excitedly took them out and just would love getting lost in nostalgia that came with every image. She then learned digitally through the years taking up photography as an occasional hobby with a point and shoot and then learned a step further taking a class senior year.  It was not until her first year of college did she take on photography as more than just a hobby. Carolyn started with portraits and from there took it on more creatively. She has done all the above when it come to photography (head shots, to family portraits, to weddings).

Carolyn uses photography as an art form to express her mind to the public.  "Photography is a secret outpour of myself. I let myself go and dump my emotions into a creation of images that I know will be relatable".   Her work persists on her natural instinctive state of mind extracted from her own circumstances, mood, and relationships with others.

 When she photographs her subjects she is giving someone a way to let themselves go and embrace their beauty.